We are pleased to invite you into the Veriglif Founding Members Program. This offer is for a limited time and will expire once the first release of our platform is completed.

After a long industry consultative period and multiple workshops, we are continuing to roll forward, full of confidence that we are solving a very real problem. The real excitement, however, is about creating a network that will allow various data stakeholders to ensure they are maximizing their reward for their role in the data collection value chain.

By creating a genuine ‘network of networks’ that meets privacy legislation requirements, a whole new range of research activities will become available. Think about the various data enrichment scenarios that would all of a sudden become available to all?

It does not stop at market research; we are evaluating a partnership with IBM that will allow our network to power the online ad decision making process within the $150 billion per annum Mediaocean network.


Our Commitment

As a founding member you will receive:

  • Promotional support in the Greenbook blog with an article every 6 months on your business,

  • A prominent listing in the Greenbook directory and Veriglif website as a “Veriglif Founding Member”,

  • Technical support for your implementation up to $100K USD,

  • Participation in regular best practices events and webinars,

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager to review and support you with your data strategies, and

  • Exclusive discounts on Veriglif network fees.

Your Commitment

As a founding member you are making a commitment to:

  • Use the network as soon as it becomes available as your primary source of 3rd party data,

  • (For data suppliers) catalog all your available data records within the network for purchase,

  • (For validation partners) integrate all your available data records for validation, and

  • act as a general ambassador by promoting and/or encouraging others to join the network.


Discuss It Further

If you would like to discuss this further, book a meeting with us using the link below


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