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The problem is data connectivity


For decades, Brands around the world have dreamed of understanding, relating to and communicating with individuals at the right time.

Achieving this would require the holy grail of modern marketing - an accurate and personal ‘datagraph’ of consumers blended from various verified data sources in real-time.

Big Data was supposed to be the answer, but regulations around data ownership and usage have changed. It’s still a challenge.


And it’s still too inefficient


The amount of consumer opinion and behavioural data deliberately collected every single day is staggering. However as long as it remains compartmentalized, disconnected and inefficient to blend, its value cannot be fully realized.

In addition, the days of organizations collecting and owning personal data outright are numbered. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of their personal data and now want a piece of the action.

These data privacy and ownership challenges are forcing a rethink of planned data-linking initiatives.


Our mission is to interconnect the world’s consumer data ecosystem in real-time for the benefit of all


We are building the digital connective tissue, ‘a network of networks, that will allow Brands around the world to understand, relate to and communicate with individuals at the right time. We have assembled a consortium of consumer data suppliers with over 100 million first-party opted-in relationships with consumers.




Many of the world’s leading brands have publicly stated that creating more personalized experiences for consumers is a top priority now. Recent innovations in cryptography and distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) have only just paved the way to create a digital datagraph at the individual level now. Veriglif, built on Hyperledger (a private permission-based enterprise-grade blockchain) is connecting the world’s consumer data ecosystem for mutual gain now.  



We deliver a validated identity for all consumer data, increasing quality, decreasing fraud and waste, and creating a synthesized datagraph to drive greater insights and business impact.



Our permission-based network gives individuals visibility of how their data is used and increases monetization for that use


We’re building an inclusive global data ecosystem


The $76bn insights industry becomes enabled to capture and integrate precise, trusted and impactful data for efficient marketing, insights and decision-making. Veriglif supports rather than competes with the existing industry ecosystem of data buyers, sample providers, consumers and data collectors.



Win by confidently purchasing verified and privacy compliant data free of fraud and structured for easier data integration and analysis.



Win because they realize control over and potential to recognize greater commercial value from their personal data in a more transparent, traceable manner.



Win because they are able to create more value for the consumers they already work with, and create more value for their end clients who are seeking highly reliable data sources that they can confidently link back to source.


DATA Collection

Win because there are more opportunities for them to generate income from their data capture tools.




The Distributed ID enables the entire insights industry to capture and integrate data more systematically and follow customers and customer-related data throughout the business lifecycle and beyond, helping generate more precise, trusted, impactful and efficient marketing, insights and decision-making.




Veriglif is a world-class team comprised of industry leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and technology experts who are respected and trusted by players across the industry ecosystem.

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CEO | LinkedIn


James has co-founded many technology start-ups including Securenet (an automated alarm monitoring and home automation platform), Sampleworx (a market research sample provider) and Stonegate (a Blockchain mining optimisation platform).

James has lead the technology platforms at Potentiate that have won awards both in Australia and around the globe. James is the dedicated head of Veriglif



CTO | LinkedIn


Phillip is an experienced software engineer and enterprise architect with over 20 years of expertise in large scale and high volume enterprise platforms.  He has extensive experience developing API platforms and B2B ecosystems in finance, logistics, supply chain and healthcare verticals. 

Phillip is also an expert in applied cryptography and security protocol design and implementation, having developed high volume and secure applications for global transport and logistics.



CFO | LinkedIn


Glen is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) who started his career at Macquarie Investment Bank. Glen was formally a partner of an operational consultancy and a senior executive in a Fortune 500 company and has an EMBA from Duke University as well as a master’s in law from Deacon University.

Glen was a founding partner of VALTEGRA, which focused on investments in companies requiring deep operational change. The fund generated over $100M USD in 3 years.



CMO | LinkedIn


During his tenure as Managing Director of Greenbook, Lukas has transformed GreenBook from its origins as a business directory into a leading marketing, content, and community platform serving the global insights industry. 

Lukas received his graduate degree in Management from the University of Economics in Prague and completed a Marketing program at HEC in Paris.





As the CEO of several successful companies, Leonard has over 20 years of high visibility leadership roles in the market research industry.

In 2010 he leveraged that experience into building the world’s leading platform for content and marketing support for the research industry as Executive Editor & Producer of GreenBook.

As Senior Partner of GreenBook’s “sister” consulting company Gen2 Advisors, he consults with many of the largest buyer-side companies in the world, a large cross section of the supplier community, and advises many early-stage technology companies.





Rolfe brings exceptional experience in multiplatform measurement, including mobile, as well as building and launching new ventures in the technology and analytics markets.

He co-founded RealityMine, a world-leader in consumer behavioral analytics and passive multi-platform measurement, and Lumi Mobile, one of the world's first mobile-centric real-time consumer engagement platforms.  

Rolfe also served in the management team of CPI, a $1Bn roll-up in the European print industry.

henry_headshots_bw 351px.jpg




Henry is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, operated and sold over 20 businesses since the 1990's. He has overseen the growth and development of Potentiate from a four person software sales and servicing business, to the over 100 staff, multi-market Data Intelligence company that Potentiate is today.

At Potentiate he has focused on developing next generation technologies to drive new innovations in the space of data-driven marketing services including the handling of big data systems and services.

Henry is a statistician and mathematician.





Patricio Pagani is the founder of The Black Puma AI, a company dedicated to blending the power of human and digital brains to augment organizational intelligence.

Patricio is also a Digital Transformation catalyst that is helping large corporations embrace what the future holds for them.

An Angel Investor in technology startups (mobility, IOT), Patricio has a portfolio of companies he's advising. Also, he is a Board director at Infotools, a leading provider of market research software tools & services.

Jonathan Ewert 2 351px.png


ADVISOR | LinkedIn


As an Operating Partner of multiple Private Equity firms, Jonathan has served in executive and Board roles across a variety of public and PE-backed tech-enabled service sectors including software-as-a-service, location data management, market research, internet infrastructure, digital media, education technology, and social networks.

Prior to CapZone, Jonathan served in executive leadership roles of two portfolio companies of United Communications Group. As Chief Executive Officer of Wellesley Information Services, Jonathan led the company through a business transformation and successful exit to a group of private investors. While serving as CEO of Wellesley Information Services, Jonathan also served as President and Chief Revenue Officer of Placeable, a marketing automation SaaS company, where he led the company’s corporate development strategy through to exit.

Previously, Jonathan served in CEO, Executive Chairman, and Board of Director roles for several portfolio companies of Catalyst Investors, a middle-market growth equity firm based in New York where he continues to serve on the Advisory Board. Jonathan has served on advisory boards for Google and Bloomberg, as well as a Director of several US and foreign corporations.



SALES | LinkedIn


Jason is no stranger to the world of online market research and online data collection. He originally worked with Research Now in the early years in London and was responsible for founding the company’s Asia Pacific division in 2005, guiding it to a market leading position.

Jason was also part of Survey Sampling International’s Global Executive Team for a period whilst leading their Asia Pacific Division. Technology has been central to Jason’s broad range of career experiences spanning over 20 years. He has been associated with several successful technology startups.

jin_headshots bw 351px v2.png




Jin has spent the better part of the last decade in product management as Head of Digital Products at Potentiate. In addition, he also heads the design department which provides service and UX design capabilities to the wider business.

In his earlier years, Jin was part of a startup that used proprietary virtualization technology to deliver a quick and agile solution for network security. It was an early form of a decentralized and distributed system for securely storing data.




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